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AQUATABS - Safe, Effective Water Purification.

this listing is for 2 x packets of 50 tablets (100 tablets in total)

AQUATABS are an internationally recognized water purification tablet that have been tried & tested in a wide range of water sources around the globe.

AQUATABS have been successfully used for water disinfection, often in the most adverse and difficult conditions, by major international aid agencies, militaries and NGO’s including the WHO, UNICEF, MSF, Red Cross, NATO, & French Foreign Legion.

Where do you need safe drinking water?
• Camping & hiking?
• Vacations or holidays?
• Business travel?
• Adventure racing?
• Canoeing or kayaking?
• Humanitarian aid?
• Survival or first aid kits?

Aquatabs should be used with clear water. If the water to be treated is murky / turbid, then it should be firstly filtered through a cloth until clear.
See further info on the product sheet included in pack.

Remove the tablet from the packaging and add to the water. Ensure that the tablet is dispersed (by briefly shaking the vessel or mixing). Wait 30 minutes for the disinfection to work and then the water is safe to drink. Do not swallow the tablet.

AQUATABS- Safe, Simple, Approved.

AQUATABS are sealed in foil packs.

AQUATABS do not contain Iodine and are safe to store, handle and transport.

***Our tablets only require 1 tablet to make 1 litre of purified water***
Only buy the original brand!!

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