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Non ionic cream (cetomacrogol cream) is a light non-greasy moisturiser that serves as an effective treatment for conditions such as eczema, and sensitive skin. Apply to your body and face (even your scalp if needed) 3-4 times a day to keep your skin moist and healthy. Avoid dry and rough skin and apply liberally throughout the day. Not only can this cream treat existing eczema, but it can help to prevent it too. An important note is to use the moisturiser every day and not simply when your eczema flares up. 

Make sure you’re checking your skin throughout the day to determine how quickly your skin becomes dry and this will give you an idea of how often you’ll need to apply the cream to avoid dryness.

How much cream will I need per week? 

As a general rule of thumb, most children will work their way through a 500g tub of cream every week. For younger children, this will be closer to one tub for 10 days, and babies would need a single tub each fortnight. To avoid delays with shipping and so you can continue applying daily, we recommend you stock up on multiple tubs so as to always have something on hand when you need it. While we aim to get our orders to you within four working days, daily application of the cream is important, which is why any delay can result in the eczema flaring up. 


This product is also a suitable alternative to shampoo or soap for individuals with sensitive skin, or those who cannot use products containing perfume or fragrance. Avoid painful or irritating reactions that come from using products containing colouring agents, and opt for a cream that only contains reliable ingredients. 

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