Zazu Sleeptrainer Clock Sam The Lamb PINK +4AA batteries

A fun way to teach children when it is time to get up & when to stay in bed. Makes time easy to understand for young children. Great for older children too - learn to tell the time & use Sam as an alarm clock.

Sam the Sheep Sleeptrainer & Nightlight

Is your child an early bird? Sam the Sleep Trainer can help you explain the grown-up idea of time to your child by showing them in a very easy way when his parents will be happy to see then & when they better stay in bed a little longer!

Sam's eyes will open & close at set times to signify when it's time to sleep & when it's time to wake up – easy to understand for children who are too young to tell the time. Can be used for morning & night & set for a specific number of minutes e.g. for daytime naps.

Measurements: 20×12×14 cm, Diameter of LCD screen: 7 cm

Sam's LCD screen is clear & bright. The screen colour changes helping even the youngest children develop a sleep routine.
An analogue and digital time display makes Sam a great tool for teaching the time too!
When the LCD screen turns green, 12 stars appear, then disappear one by one, counting down until it's wake up time!
Set the alarm with one of three sounds (or simply switch off sounds). Clock display shows time in analogue and digital.
Nightlight time can be set at 5, 15, or 30 minute intervals.
An AC/DC mains adaptor is included + 4 x AA batteries (supplied)

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