Wet Stuff Strawberry Lube 100g-Peter Boles Pharmacy

Wet Stuff Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant - 100g

Wet Stuff is a long-lasting personal lubricant safe for all parts of the body.

Can be used to supplement your natural lubrication before or during sex.
Safe for use with condoms and latex products.
For extended use, always replace condom and lubricant every 30 minutes.
Contains large quantities of nature's moisturiser, glycerine.
As lubricant is combined with body moisture a mild warming occurs.
Edible and pleasantly sweet to taste from the glycerine.
Does not contain any sugar.
Slippery if spilt clean up immediately.
Free from perfumes and oils.
Wash out of fabric in a normal cold wash.

Expiry Date 01/2022. (Always check with lubes)