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Wet Stuff Secrets Cream Lubricant 250g


Wet Stuff Secrets is a silicon based sorbolene cream that has been developed for use with condoms.

If you like creams you'll love Wet Stuff Secrets. It's creamy texture will slowly disappear into the skin leaving a satin texture. It is a long lasting lube but you need to use a little more than long lasting water based lubes.

Once the initial amount has been absorbed by the skin the remaining lube lasts a long time. It contains only low molecular weight food grade and medical grade silicon fluids. No high molecular weight poor blocking silicons are used in this product. This product is suitable of oral, vaginal and anal play.

Wet Stuff "Secrets" is a unique cream lubricant for all types of sensual play. Silky, long lasting, it disappears secretly into your skin.

A blended silicone and water based lube, "Secrets" is fully compatible with all latex and leather products, and increases the safety and sensitivity of condoms. Also great as a massage cream as it is never sticky and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Free from sugars, perfumes, colourings and oils, "Secrets" allows you to have your pleasure any way you like it! Great massage cream, the more you use, the more you slide. Never sticky. Leave your skin soft and smooth.
Supplements your natural lubrication before or during sex.
Can also be used to condition and polish latex and leather accessories.
Free from sugars, perfumes, colourings and oils.
Excellent compatibility with body tissues. Does not alter natural ph.
Low irritant formulation.