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A unique personal lubricant that can increase the intensity of your sexual pleasure. Rich tingling waves enliven and concentrate your sensory experience. The initial creaminess of Ignight transforms throughout the experience and ends in a deliciously smooth bodyglide gloss. With intimate touch and movement, this blend of exciting sensations can heighten your perception of pleasure and intensify orgasms.


✓ compatible with condoms

✓ non-harmful if ingested

✓ low irritant formulation

✘ not to be used with sex workers


For fabrics, soak in water only, then rinse well before a normal wash. Sponge out of carpet with plain water. Very slippery if spilled; clean up immediately.

Warning: Avoid use on broken or abraded skin. Not suitable for people who have had genital herpes. May increase the rate of STI transmission. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use and wash off in a soapy shower. If it continues, consult a doctor. Read the full label before use. Older women and women with sensitive skin are advised to use Ignight just on the clitoris. Only use as directed

Size: 50g

INCLUDES 12 FREE Durex Extra Safe Condoms!