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Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera Balance Gel is designed to be kind to sensitive women's most sensitive skin.

It also has a very fine texture that allows the most delicate surfaces to be paid the slightest attention.

With the nurturing abilities of Aloe Vera and its pH buffered to pH 4.0, this lube will help in those times of maximum kindness. The use of lactic acid buffer is an upgrade from the old citric acid used in most lubes.

Wet Stuff with Aloe Vera uses the same method to balance pH as a healthy women's body uses naturally. Lactic acid is the natural buffer found in balanced women. Lactic acid in the lube helps the natural defence to many conditions including natural deodorant properties.

The lube is a good vaginal moisturiser and is great for extra moisture before or during sex. It's good for all kinds of sexual play!

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