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Female urinals, by Drive Medical, are essential for women who have difficulty getting out of bed. The design and maneuverability of the containers is of top quality. The products are made of high-quality durable plastic that is easy to clean and stores without hassle.

The female urinals will prevent spills from occurring. The grip is rigid and shaped to allow easy handling and holding in various positions. This lightweight tool is good for those who need a degree of urinary spill protection, particularly those in need of incontinence care. And along with the urine catch and storing features. With its lightweight design and easy containment ability, storing the item away is very easy.

The container holds up to 0.9L of fluid

Female Urinal Features and Benefits

•The urinal is light and easy to maneuver.
•It is designed to prevent spillage.
•The graduation marks and translucent material make recording output easy.
•The hard plastic makes it easy to clean.
•The stopper keeps odors from spreading.
•It is great for anyone who has trouble getting out of bed