VAPOR-EZE Waterless Vaporizer PLUS Plain Pads 25pk

***VAPOR-EZE Waterless Vaporizer PLUS plain Pads 25pk ***

We all have memories of being sick in bed as children: The scratchy throat, water eyes, & runny, stuffed-up nose were almost too much. Even then, with the limited technology, it seemed the only relief available – other than a motherly touch and chicken soup, of course – were the soothing powers of our trusty vaporizer or a humidifier. Not only did these machines help clear up the common cold’s symptoms, but they made a restful sleep a possibility instead of a chore.
Afflictions like the common cold, flu, and allergies will always linger around the corner, but thanks to consistent advancements in technology, vaporizers, air humidifiers, & air purifiers are working even more effectively & efficiently to bring relief from what ails us.

Totally silent & does not require batteries.
Sleep better/breathe easier. This waterless vaporizer & aromatherapy diffuser is safe, small, effective, easy to use & portable.

Vaporiser unit
5 x eucalyptus/menthol pads
25 x plain pads to be scented with your own oils

Do not use for babies under 3 months of age without first checking with your paediatrician or family physician.

Made in the USA.

Refills available for $12 per pack of 5 pads. Menthol Eucalyptus - ideal for colds, coughs, allergies, sinusitis asthma & bronchitis.
Lavender - lavender is & has always been one of the most popular oils. Its sweet, floral scent will help you relax after a tough day. It helps to restore balance & soothes your anxieties. Use this oil in the late afternoon, evening, or when you are having trouble falling asleep

Vaporiser Pads will last about 8-10 hours, depending on the setting you choose & the conditions in your room

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