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What Is UroFem?

Helps your body to maintain a healthy and bacteria-free bladder & urinary tract

The health of your bladder and urinary tract depends mainly on effectively deterring certain bacteria from adhering from the lining of the bladder. A build up of bacteria causes bladder and urinary tract (UT) imbalances. Many women may be able to feel when a UT imbalance is occurring or coming.

UroFem D-mannose is a naturally occurring carbohydrate that naturally deters harmful bacteria from adhering to the bladder and urinary tract walls resulting in the natural removal of bacteria.
How UroFem Works

UroFem helps your body naturally remove potentially harmful bacteria from your bladder & urinary tract.

The bacteria are unable to attach it is simply flushed away when you urinate.

Benefits of UroFem:
UroFem helps maintain your body's healthy bacteria balance and helps keep the bladder and urinary tract healthy

TWO UroFem tablets taken daily to prevent UTI causing bacteria attaching to your urinary tract. It is recommended that if you are currently suffering from a UTI to consult your healthcare professional.