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Unimom Allegro Breast Pump

"Designed for part-time expressing only, up to 4 times per day. Does not endure full-time use".

Convenient, efficient, and can upgrade to twin pumping easily with a purchase of an extra breast shield kit!


- BPA, phthalate and lead-free plastics!

- Dual Stage Expression (mimics baby's natural sucking allowing for faster let down)

- Portable and quieter

- Hospital grade and extra durable

- For increasing supply or storage of breast milk

- Double or single pumping

- Comfortable with BPA free silicon breast massager included

- AC Power adapter

- Automatic rechargeable battery (Gives you over 2 hours of portable life)

- Electronically Controlled (LED display soft touch controls)

- Adjustable Vacuum Cycles- 7 suction levels

- Closed system (Backflow protection)


What's in the box:

- Breast shield kit with backflow protection installed

- Silicon massager

- Bottle+ Disk + Cap + Bottle cover

- AC adaptor

- Main body + Connector

- Air tube

- Bottle stand

- Valve


PLEASE NOTE: This set does not contain a teat, we recommend the Nuk Classic Teats, as they fit these bottles perfectly. 

Warranty: 1 year when used for personal use.

Warranty Includes Pump motor unit & controller (everything inside or permanently connected to the plastic shell of actual pump unit)

Warranty Excludes All Consumable Parts including the following:

- Airlines (tubing / hose)
- Power pack and Cable (Allegro model only)
- Silicon Membranes (flap on valve head)
- Valve Head
- Breast Shield
- Catch Bottles
- Silicon Massager