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Replaces 6 different makeup must-haves into one single compact - it's a blusher, a bronzer, an eyeshadow, a face framer, a contour and a lip colour.

The colour corrective pigments help even out skin tone while the crushed pearlized minerals reflect the light, illuminating the skin giving a sun-kissed, healthy glow.

This Thin Lizzy 6in1 Kit Includes:

- 1 x 6in1 Professional Powder Compact - Dark

Key Features:

- Colour Corrective Pigments
- Lightweight texture
- Multi-Use Powder - use as a blusher, face and body bronzer, eyeshadow, face framer, contour and lip colour
- Available in 2 versatile shades - Dark & Light
- Gives a pearlized glow - not glittery


- Lightly dust the powder over the top of your lids

- Starting on the apple of your cheek, rotate upwards in a circular motion

- Squeeze the brush and sculpt a light dusting under the cheekbones to make them stand out

Lip Colour
- Lightly dust over your lips and apply a gloss for a naturally fuller lip

Face Framer and Bronzer
- Start at the forehead and rotate down the base to frame it. Apply a touch across your forehead, nose and chin where the sun naturally hits

Body Bronzer
- rotate over your body to achieve that natural glow!