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Thermastrap is a total injury support range clinically developed and specifically designed to improve "Injury Management Results".
Thermastrap is recommended for injury treatment, recovery or prevention also post operative support or occupation overuse, arthritis and fibromyalgia, muscle or joint stiffness and pain.

Thermastrap Back Support Super comes in *Black only
*One size fits all
*Adjustable Velcro System
*Designed specifically for lumber support - fits & supports
critical lumber areas.
*Best fitting & most comfortable for lumbar area weakness
*Double locking system ensures non-slip during your sporting activity.

Exclusive Features
Fabron lining promotes deep therapeutic circulatory warmth to assist injured or arthritic joints regain mobility.
Fabron also helps regulate heat and eliminates excessive moisture.
P.A.F. Perforated Air Flow System - Enables breathability and expels moisture during active sport.
Adjustability - Most supports are adjustable to suit the wearers shape, size and desired level of control.
Easy to put on and off, never too tight or loose, wont slip down.