Testo Caps - Work Harder 60 pack

 Testo Caps - Work Harder 60 pack

TESTO is a unique natural blend of testosterone supporting herbs & minerals which work to increase libido & stamina.

A regular dose of TESTO erection support pills/capsules helps support long term sexual vitality and builds confidence in sexual performance.

Reignite your sexual vitality for the long term with a stronger herbal erection support capsule.

Horny Goat weed - 1275mg,

Tribulus Terrestris - 525mg,

Ginko Biloba - 525mg,

Damiana - 525mg,

Maca Root Powder - 477mg,

Zinc Citrate Powder - 7.2mg,

Selenium Chelate - 10mcg.

2 capsules once daily with food

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