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Surfears 2.0 Single Set

Surfears2.0 Let the Sound in Keep Water Out

How It Works

SurfEars are designed with an acoustic mesh that can be found in high end audio applications, blocking out water and protecting the ear while allowing the maximum amount of sound to enter the ear canal. The mesh is connected to a plastic core designed to replicate the natural resonance frequency of the ear and boosting acoustic performance. Independent tests show that SurfEars have close to zero acoustic loss in the frequency range of human speech. We’ve redesigned SurfEars 2.0 so you’ll be able to hear even be tter. Inverting the fixation between gel and core, we’ve managed to increase the area of the sound channel by 72%, while the triangular shape of the opening has increased surface area by 32%.

Other notable improvements are:

• Improved hearing due to increased volume of sound canal
• Improved hydrophobic coating (HY+), stays unclogged longer
• Leash option with length adjuster & wetsuit clip
• New improved ear buds with improved fit water seal. Improved fit for those with advanced Surfers Ear development


We recommend that you use SurfEars® with the installed leash to minimize risk of losing them. Before using your product for the first time, please read the user instructions and try all different sizes of buds and wings to ensure a proper fit.