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Steelie - The world's finest phone and tablet holding system perfect phone holder for your car. It docks your phone to your dashboard in a snap, so it's visible, accessible, and right where you need it, everywhere you go.

•The Steelie Car Mount Kit allows secure attachment for any mobile device, with or without a rigid case, to any vehicle dash with unlimited viewing angles
•Each Steelie Car Mount Kit includes one Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket with 3M® VHB™ adhesive pad, one Steelie Ball Mount with 3M® VHB™ adhesive pad, an alcohol prep pad, and installation instructions
•Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket features a powerful neodymium magnet and silicon center to provide a strong grip and smooth glide
•The neodymium magnet is safe for use with all phones and tablets
•Both the Magnetic Phone Socket & Ball Mount components feature 3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape for secure attachment
•3M® VHB™ foam adhesive tape can be removed without damage to surfaces
•Application and Removal Instructions
•Steelie Ball Mount is a high quality steel ball that is press fit into the machined aluminum base for security
•High quality 6061 Machined Aluminum Magnetic Phone Socket and Ball Mount components for an elegant look and durable functionality
•Compatible with other Steelie system components
•Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket Component and Steelie Dash Ball Components are sold individually:
- Steelie Magnetic Phone Socket - Perfect for families that have multiple mobile phones or devices, but who share a vehicle. Each phone can have its very own Steelie MagneticPhone Socket to easily attach when they are behind the wheel, or to take advantage of the strong magnet to secure to any metal surface.
- Steelie Ball Mount - Multiple vehicles? Don't forget to purchase an extra Steelie Ball Mount so you can have the incredible functionality of the Steelie Car Mount Kit in every vehicle, boat, or plane you own.
•Dimensions: 28.24mm x 27.10mm x 27.10mm
•Weight: 71.0g