SNOREBEN reduces snoring & breathe easier

SNOREBEN reduces snoring, dry mouth,sleep apnoea & nasal congestion

The Snoreben comes in three different sizes to ensure a comfortable fit and good nights sleep. Select from small (children), medium or large. We currently have medium and large in stock.

Why do people snore?
When air cannot flow freely through the mouth or nose, the walls of the the throat vibrate during breathing, causing snoring. Airflow can be obstructed by a number of factors, including:

Nasal disorders such as callapsed nostrils, deviated septum (bent nose), and damaged or narrow nostrils.
Throat tissue obstruction (Sleep Apnea)
Being overweight
Abnormally large tonsils or adenoids
Mouth Breathing
Stuffy nose, allergies or hay fever

Using the Snoreben® can improve your quality of life in many ways. Snoring can be embarrassing and is known to cause sleep deprivation to the people who snore and those around them. Sleep deprivation can seriously affect your physical and mental health. Inadequate rest impairs our ability to think, handle stress, maintain a healthy immune system and control our emotions. Other effects of sleep deprivation include weight gain, lethargy, decreased sex drive, depression, high blood pressure and heart disease.

The Snoreben® is designed to ensure you receive quality sleep so you can carry out your daily activities with a clear mind and enjoy a happy and healthly lifestyle.

The Snoreben® is a reusable nasal insert specifically designed to help anyone of any age breathe better and reduce or completely eliminate their snoring. The Snoreben® is a Class 1 Medical Device, registered with the FDA. It is manufactured from high quality, medical grade material to ensure that it is gentle and safe to use.

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