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Support for:

  • Sleeplessness during menopause
  • Temperature balance at night
  • Hot Flushes
  • Night Sweats
  • Overactive mind at bed time or during the night
  • Night time worrying
  • Bedtime overwhelm

Are your menopause symptoms waking you up in the night?

Rest assured you're not alone – approximately 35-40% of women going through perimenopause and menopause experience sleeping problems. As we age our progesterone levels decrease leading to estrogen dominance. This hormonal shift often results in a range of different menopausal symptoms including; hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, heart palpitations, loss of libido, dryness, anxiety, depression and mood swings.

As natural sleep specialists we constantly hear from people just like you who are struggling with frequent waking in the night causing them to feel exhausted and unrefreshed each morning. We know how frustrating this is and we want to help YOU to sleep better. SleepDrops Menopauzzz has been specially formulated to help support you to sleep through your menopause symptoms.

What makes SleepDrops Menopauzzz unique?

SleepDrops Menopauzzz is an all-natural sleep solution containing 8 scientifically researched herbs to promote relaxation, quality sleep, temperature balance and healthy liver function along with 8 homeopathics specific for targeting menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, weight gain, heart palpitations, loss of libido, dryness, anxiety, depression and mood swings. These are combined with a beautiful blend of New Zealand made flower essences which will support you mentally and emotionally so you have enough resilience to handle all that menopause is throwing at you!

How long will it last?

Each 30ml bottle contains 600 drops which will last you approximately 2 months at the recommended dosing of two 5 drop doses each night.


Keep on your bedside table for easy access.

Take 5 drops immediately before turning out the light to support getting off to sleep easier.

Take each time you wake in the night either naturally or with a hot flush or night sweat (for a maximum of 3 extra doses) to support you to get back to sleep more quickly.

Keep the remedy in your mouth for approximately 30 seconds while you lie back down, close your eyes and practice your slow deep sleep breathing technique to relax your nervous system.

Repeat a “mantra' I am sleepy now over and over silently in your mind whilst practicing your deep breathing until you fall back to sleep again.

DO NOT get on your phone, tablet, ipad or otherwise.

For Best Results:

Take with a known brand menopause support product during the day and supporting products from the SleepDrops range such as Daytime Revive for energy and stress support and our SleepDrops Powder to support deeper, restorative sleep at night.


1 review for SleepDrops Menopauzzz 30ml

  1. 5 out of 5

    Tracey – April 12, 2017:

    So I am a bit of a sceptic about homeopathy. But in the same day last week both my husband & I heard the ad for Menopauzzzz on The Sound, when he came home he said hey why don’t you try this stuff…I said funny you say that cos I just bought some Anyway I have only used it for 4 nights & have to tell you I had THE BEST sleep last night that I’ve had for the last few years. OMG bed at 10pm 5 drops woke up at 6 with the kitten on my head. WOW so amazing this Menopauzzzz stuff need to get me some more asap! Thank you thank you thank you!!!