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*A new generation anti-snoring product with patented formulation.
*Exclusive bio-adhesive formula covers and lubrifies, so that air does not make the throat tissue vibrate.
*Immediate relief that lasts all night.
*Tonifies the tissue, increasing firmness for long-term snoring relief.
*Silence remains active while you sleep.
*Oil free - no risk of oil getting into
respiratory tract.

Snoring in 75% of cases occurs in the throat, and can be caused by:
1. Having a soft palate that is too long
This phenomenon starts at the age of forty and snoring appears. It is amplified by muscle relaxation, caused by sleep.
2. Supine position
Lying on the back causes the relaxed soft palate to lie on the posterior wall of the pharynx.
3. Shortening of the oral cavity
Silence Anti-Snoring Spray is the first complete anti-snoring treatment, acting immediately on the throat tissues (the main origin of snoring). Silence also carries out beneficial reconstructive activity between each night's sleep.
Silence - How this Anti-Snoring Product Works? An exclusive diffusion mechanism dispenses a menthol-flavoured, adhesive mousse, which covers the throat tissues which cause snoring.
This allows Silence to act immediately.
The Silence formula (protected by a worldwide patent) allows this menthol flavoured mousse to remain active, right throughout the period of sleep.
Finally, this action continues between each night's sleep. The daily diffusion of Silence aids the reconstruction of the tissues, contributing gradually