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Sea Legs chewable tablets have been specially formulated to provide effective relief for all the family whether travelling by car, plane, boat or coach from motion/sea sickness. Each tablet contains the active ingredient meclozine hydrochloride, which is a type of antihistamine.

Meclozine works by blocking histamine receptors found in various places in the body, including an area in the brain known as the vomiting centre. Sea-legs tablets can help prevent travel sickness for up to 24 hours. Sea-legs tablets can be taken either an hour before travelling or the evening before. This medicine can also be used if the feeling of sickness develops during a journey.


Adults and children over 12: Take two tablets.
Children 6-12: Take One tablet.

Children 2-6: Take Half a tablet.

As Sea-legs can remain active for 24 hours, take the previous night, or about one hour before the journey starts. As with all medicines, Sea-legs should not be taken during pregnancy without medical advice.


Each tablet contains: Meclozine Hydrochloride BP 12.5mg