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Sawyer Ultra 30 % Lotion 89ML Odourless

This Liposome-based formula is the newest advancement in insect repellent technology. Unlike polymers used in older repellents, liposomes are a natural compound that is more comfortable and easier to wear on the skin. The Liposome base enables the 30% DEET lotion to be non-greasy and cosmetically appealing, with little to no odour. Liposomes are also considered one of the best systems for controlled repellent release, enveloping the DEET and slowly releasing it over time to extend its effectiveness. Liposomes improve the effectiveness of the repellent as well by holding the DEET in place on the skin surface, reducing skin absorption. Ultra 30 uses a liposome controlled release system similar to the earlier generation of polymer-based controlled release systems, including Sawyer and 3M Ultrathon.

Airline Approved
Application effective up to 12 hours
Odourless after application