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SANGEAN PS-100 Pillow Speaker


"a world of listening"

Under Pillow Speaker for Private Listening in Bed

Perfect for personal listening
Includes a three-position switch to adjust sound quality
Comes with a 3.5 mm headphone jack
Can be used on any TV, radio, CD player and cassette compatible with 3.5 mm jack
Gives you a private concert with the clear, crisp sound and deep bass enhancement of your favourite music

1-year Manufacturer's Warranty

Here's what  some happy customers had to say...
"Bought this unit so that I wouldn't disturb my wife while she reads in bed and i listened to PBS music to put me to wonderfully!!!"
"I love it! I am single and live by myself. I leave my TV on most all night. I don't bother any of the neighbors. I can hear it, but they can't! Love the privacy it gives. I would highly recommend this to anyone!"