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"a world of listening"

Underneath the beautiful white case, the DT-120 AM/FM Compact Pocket Radio is a radio compact in size but offering amazing sensitivity and selectivity with Digital Tuning that will easily tune in and program all of your favourite stations.

The DT-120 features 15 preset stations (10 FM, 5 AM), auto search, battery indicator and turns off automatically after 90 minutes to conserve battery life.


The DT-120 is a small AM/FM stereo radio that's small enough to fit in a shirt or jacket pocket, and powerful enough to pull in those distant AM/FM stations. It measures a mere 2 by 3.7 by 0.7 inches, and weighs only 2 ounces, making it portable enough to take anywhere.

Big Features:

You get 15 memory presets (and auto scan) to help you zip right to preferred stations. The radio comes with stereo earbuds. DBB (Deep Bass Boost) enhances the sonic low end, while a stereo-mono switch improves reception when needed.

With Digital Tuning and Sangean's traditional radio sensitivity, plus included earbuds, you will be able to enjoy your morning jog, your short trip to the beach, or other outings without missing your favourite AM/FM station if you have the DT-120 pocket radio.


- Direct Recall 15 Station Presets (10 FM, 5 AM)
- Auto Seek Station
- Built-in Real Time Clock
- RF Signal Level Indicator
- Adjustable Tuning Step
- DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost)
- Stereo / Mono Switch
- 90 Minute Auto Shut Off
- Lock Switch
- Battery Power Indicator
- Power Source: 2 X AAA size / UM-4 batteries
- I/O Jacks: Headphone
- Handheld Size

1 Year Warranty