SALTER MiBABY Mother & Baby Scales-Peter Boles Pharmacy


Many parents focus on the weight of their baby at birth, however, the rate of a baby's growth during the first few months is a much more important indicator of health.

Salter MiBaby Mother & Baby Scales come with revolutionary PC software that allows parents to enter their baby's weight & height to calculate an accurate BMI. All of which can be tracked against WHO percentile growth charts.

The more infrequent meetings with the midwife and the health visitor become, the more important it is to have the ability to document a baby's growth statistics in the comfort of your own home.

• Model: 9042 WHITE
• Baby weight mode
• PC software & height chart to track the baby's growth & development
• Weight, height, Body Mass Index, dental record & milestones, plus photo gallery
• WHO percentile growth charts
• Easy to read display - size: 6cm diameter
• Step on for instant weight reading
• Max weight x resolutions: 180kg x 0.05kg,
• Guarantee: 15 Years
• 3 AAA batteries included

TRACK YOUR BABY’S GROWTH, DEVELOPMENT AND MILESTONES on a PC with the MiBaby app and height chart.
Enter baby’s weight & height, & MiBaby will calculate the baby’s Body Mass Index. Height, weight & BMI graphs track against WHO percentile growth charts. Add dental records, milestones & upload photos, & view on a timeline.

Baby weight mode

1. Parent steps on platform
2. Weight reading is taken, then scale zeros
3. Parent cradles baby then steps onto the platform. Baby’s weight only is displayed
This feature is also great for weighing pets, parcels and luggage.