Rheumalin MNI tablets 60 pk

What does RheumaLin™ do?

Independent research has shown that the individual plant-derived ingredients contained within this unique blend may help with the alleviation of back, neck & joint pain by targeting multiple biological pathways involved in inflammation.

What does RheumaLin™ contain?

RheumaLin™ contains a blend of plant-derived (phytochemical) ingredients recognised for their ability to help alleviate inflammation, reduce pain and improve joint mobility. Its multi-modal pharmaceutical action is achieved through the selective blocking of key inflammatory enzymes that play a dominant role in the activation and maintenance of inflammation, pain and joint destruction. The ingredients contained within RheumaLin™ are Indian frankincense and resveratrol.
1.Indian Frankincense is a bark resin extract that has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurvedic, Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine as an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving remedy.
2.Resveratrol is a natural chemical made by various plants as a defence mechanism in response to microbial and fungal infections. It occurs naturally in low amounts in several edible plants and plant-based products such as grapes, cranberries, peanuts and wine, especially red wine.

Who may benefit from taking RheumaLin™?
Anyone suffering from joint pain, back or muscle pain. Can be used during acute injuries as well as in chronic arthritic conditions.


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