Quiet Nites Unscented Snoring Aid

Quiet Nites - A snore product that really works!

Don’t let snoring ruin another night’s sleep.

A drug free option for snoring
Quiet Nites is a reusable anti-snore nasal dilator. A convenient aid for snoring. Stops or reduces the volume of snoring by opening nasal passages and freeing breathing.

These are reusable for up to 40 uses.

One size fits all - Made in USA

Quiet Nites
• Clinically tested and patented.
• Discreet, no tapes or adhesives.
• Freer breathing reduces fatigue, congestion & irritability.
• Medically tested, certified Nobel Prize winning technology
• Drug free relief for nasal passage congestion
• Reusable and washable up to 40 times
• Comfortable and easy to apply

Insert the small nasal clip into the nose 10 to 15 minutes before bedtime, so that the tips fit comfortably against the septum. The device is left in throughout the night while sleeping.

There are many causes of snoring; allergies, colds, overwork, stress, smoking, dry air, deviated septum, tonsils, obesity and medications
Research carried out in the USA proved that quiet nites helped to reduce snoring in up to 85% of people tested

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