Poo Shoes Hygiene Deodorant Spray - 50mL-Peter Boles Pharmacy

Poo Shoes stops foot, shoe and sock odour the natural way!

Made of natural products in New Zealand by Orical Labs, Poo Shoes Hygiene stops foot odour and helps fight fungal diseases and athletes foot. Supplied in a compact leak-proof 50ml bottle, Poo Shoes Remedy is a must to carry around in your glove box, desk drawer, purse, tool box, gym bag or school bag.


- Can be sprayed directly on to shoes, socks, and feet.
- Odourless
- Works Naturally
- Treats up to 40 shoes
- Spray on in handy leak-proof bottle
- Helps fight smelly fungal disease.
- Keep in the home, boat, car, work, anywhere.