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Pjur (say Pure) Woman Body Glide 100ml

pjur Woman Bodyglide: The original formulation is specifically designed for a woman's body. This premium silicone personal lubricant provides optimal lubrication and superior skin-on-skin slide. Super concentrated ingredients mean only a few drops are required, making it much less expensive drop-per-drop than other brands. Multi-use Pjur Woman Bodyglide is guaranteed longer lasting, never sticky, and latex condom safe.

Super Concentrated ~ Fragrance-Free

latex safe
recommended worldwide by doctors, pharmacists, professional massage therapists
never sticky or tacky
long lasting
only a few drops needed
allergy tested
non-pore blocking
leaves skin silky and smooth
oil and fat-free
no chemicals or preservatives
no animal testing or animal by-products
Quality controlled.

Made in Germany.
Expiry 05/2022

Here's a happy quote "I use this almost exclusively.

You need very little, a little goes a very very long way.

I've been using exclusively eros pjur woman for maybe 3 years, and I've had to buy 2 bottles, through long distance relationships, and actively living with beaus... a couple drops will do ya hehe.

plus its very mild and me, I'm allergic to most things, but this I have no adverse reaction to."