Pjur Superhero 20ml Performance Spray for men

New! from the makers of Pjur Woman comes this specially formulated spray to help prolong love-making without the use of Ligocaine. Used externally on the penis the liquid refreshes the genital area, increases suppleness and reduces hypersensitivity, thus helping to prevent premature ejaculation. 
* Ligocaine and Benzocaine free! So, if you have a known sensitivity to this local anaesthetic Pjur Superhero could be a suitable alternative. 
* Handy 20ml spray.

For added staying power! The ultimate delay spray made especially for men who want more! 
The well-balanced ingredients in pjur superhero spray can prevent premature ejaculation and prolong intimate pleasure. 
Of course, pjur superhero spray is dermatologically tested and safe for daily use. Condom safe. 

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