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Pjur (say Pure) Espresso Water Based Lube 100 ml

As everyone knows, when you feel tired, listless and worn out, a nice cup of coffee or espresso will do wonders. With pjur espresso you can give your love life an instant caffeine kick – that is tasteless and odourless to boot! pjur espresso is the new lubricant for couples that want to give new zest to their erotic passion. It contains stimulating caffeine to introduce new thrills in the bedroom. An extra portion of energy for your body – and not only during the day.
pjur espresso is a water-based lubricant in the time-honoured pjur premium quality. Try it and bring your lovemaking to new heights. pjur espresso – Powered by caffeine!

• Premium lubricant with caffeine
• Caffeine has a stimulating, exciting and activating effect
• Colourless, odourless and neutral in taste
* Condom-compatible

The best of the coffee bean to boost your energy – not only in the daytime!