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Prefert® Vaginal Gel is a lubricant for couples trying to conceive at home. It is used prior to intercourse during the time of ovulation. During ovulation the properties of the cervix and cervical mucus are changing. This mucus is alkaline. Prefert® Vaginal Gel has a similar ph-value like cervical mucus during the fertile days of a woman (period of ovulation in the female cycle).

Prefert® promotes sperm activity at the time of ovulation:
Provides an optimal environment for sperm
Ideal pH for natural conception
Improves mobility of sperm and reduces the osmotic barrier to optimize the sperm cells migration
Prefert® Vaginal Gel improves osmolality

Colourless (light opaque)
Does not make spots
Free of parabens
pH-value: 7,0 – 7,4
Osmolality: 315 ( 260 – 370) mOsmol / kg
Viscosity: 2500 – 7000 mPa.s

Package contents
4 pre-filled syringes Prefert® Vaginal Gel with 6 ml gel
1 vaginal applicator, re-usable

Purified Water
Sodium Chloride
Sodium Phosphate
Potassium Phosphate