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The first earplug to be made out of natural beeswax!

Made from a honeycomb and cotton fibre mixture, this earplug is notable for using the most natural materials of all available earplugs.

The mixture’s anti-bacterial properties prevent the spread of germs from your hands or surrounding environment to your ear. The cotton fibre adds solidity, keeping the natural beeswax from disintegrating, splitting or breaking within the ear. By covering the entrance of the ear only, Otifleks provides quick and easy applicability.

Inside you will find a hygienic carry-box for storing your earplugs. The natural beeswax earplugs are packaged in individual plastic spheres.

Hygiene is assured. You will be the first person to touch or handle the earplugs.


- All Natural: made from Beeswax, Olive Oil & Cotton
- Anti-bacterial
- Comes in protective spheres
- Suitable for newborns, as well as adults
- Suitable for bathing, shower and swim

Pack of 4 (2 sets)

Tested and Certified:

Otifleks was developed and manufactured only subsequent intensive consultations from leading physicians and medical professionals. They conform to Australian and European Union regulation.