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Orthaheel Workforce  Mens Large

The Scholl Orthaheel Workforce orthotic has been designed to help change the position and movements of the feet. This may reduce the amount of pronation that takes place and so help reduce the stresses in the feet, legs and lower back that can lead to aches and pains.

The Scholl Orthaheel Workforce orthotic can help with
Pain under the heel
Pain at the back of the heel
Knee pain
Some people with lower back pain may also have some positive effects from using the Scholl Orthaheel Workforce.

The full length insert slips into the back of the shoe and runs from the heel, under the arch and right to the end of the toes. This provides comfort and support all along the length of the foot.

This product is suitable for wider fitting shoes such as work shoes and sports shoes that will comfortably accommodate a full-length insole. When fitting it into a shoe with a removable insole, such as a sports shoe, it’s important to remember to remove this before inserting the Scholl Orthaheel Workforce.

There is a left and right insert in each pack, and both should be worn even if the pain only affects one side of your body. The inserts stay in place without the need for glue so they can be moved between different pairs of shoes

Other sizes by available ( ie small or medium)