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Nuk Owl Ball with C-ring - Forest Fun

5 senses development:


SIGHT: colours, prints, mirror, movement of objects

TOUCH: catch, grab, crinkle, texture discovery

HEARING: music, squeaker, rattle => cognitive: reaction to action

SMELL: transposition, parent scent, comfort

TASTE: teether, biting, flavour, texture

Awaken baby’s senses by stimulating them during their first essential months of development

· Playtime & learning for baby

· Interaction and guide into development stages

· Use of soft fabric

· Educational benefits

· Free time for mum

· Friendly forest fun, sweet and cuddly characters

· Lily the Owl and Charlie the Bear roam around the forest with their friends Funny Apple & its Wiggly Worm

· Soft colors, Sweet stripes, Forest fun we can SEE the green of the tree leaves, HEAR the crisp of the leaves on an autumn day, FEEL the breeze, SMELL the forest atmosphere, and TASTE the freshly grown mushrooms