-2x Nuk My Love Collection Bottles 150ml
-2x Nuk My Love Collection Bottles 300ml
-1x Nuk Open & Close System
-1x Nuk Deluxe Bottle Brush
-1x Nuk Genius Soother, silicone, 0-6months, with cover

Nuk First Choice+ Teat – the most natural teat for your baby

The Nuk First Choice+ Teat lets your baby drink in a relaxed and natural way, almost like breastfeeding. The teat, which is right for the jaw, has a flexible, extra-soft zone and an improved Anti-Colic Air System. It is particularly well-accepted by babies and is especially well suited too if you would like to combine bottle and breastfeeding.

The ideal size for your newborn, the 0-6month small hole teat is suitable for thin liquids such as breast milk. For slightly thicker feeds, such as formula milk, the 0-6months medium hole can be used.

Deluxe Bottle Brush

Durable nylon bristles ensure the thorough cleaning of milk bottles. The NUK Deluxe Bottlebrush is practical and easy to use.

Open & Close System

Open and close with just one twist. The NUK Open & Close System replaces the standard sealing disk making feeding time considerably easier. Simply screw on between the bottle and screw ring to enjoy leak free, spill proof, hygienic opening & closing.

Genius Soother, silicone, 0-6months

The Nuk Genius Soother helps your baby because it is more than just a soother: it is an innovation. It was developed together with the orthodontic practitioner, Dr med. dent. Hubertus von Treuenfels, based on the most recent medical and technical findings. It has a calming effect and helps prevent crooked teeth. The shape of the NUK Genius Soother’s teat is taken from the tried and tested NUK Shape that is right for the jaw and modelled on a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds.