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• Can dry up to six feeding bottles and accessories simultaneously

• Offers even room for soothers, spoons or other items

• Space-saving and modern design

• Easy to put together

• Easy to clean

• Dishwasher-safe

Just where are you going to put all the baby bottles, teats, soothers and other utensils, which have to dry every day after being washed or sterilised? There is now an answer to this question that is just as practical as it is attractive: shaped like a flower, the NUK Multi Dry Rack is an eye-catcher in every kitchen and takes up to six bottles and a great many accessories. Soothers, teats or baby spoons find a place for themselves in the lattice in the centre of the flower.
•Subtle colours, modern design
•Bottles are simply put over the petals. Air can then circulate inside – drying that is residue free and hygienic
•The circular base gives stability and also catches any drips of water
•Easy to clean: the rack is easy to dismantle and can be cleaned in your dishwasher
•All the component parts of the NUK Mulit Dry Rack are made from high-quality synthetic materials and are BPA-free

The NUK Multi Dry Bottle Rack: a hygienic, time and space-saving alternative to draining on a tea-towel!