NUK Glow in the Dark Soothers 2pk sz 3 18mth-3yrs

Nuk Glow in the Dark SIZE 3 18month to 3 years

Available in pink for girls or blue for boys... Please note design picture may vary between sizes

Find the soother easily in the dark
Enchanting stars motifs
Orthodontic NUK shape
Anatomically shaped mouth shield in a high quality design

When babies kick, grab, lift their head or suck on a pacifier, all this is an important part of their daily exercise program, because not only do they need to develop muscles in the legs and arms, but also develop their facial muscles. The interaction of movant the tongue, building jaw muscles and a properly shaped upper arch is an important prerequisite for healthy, trouble- free breathing, feeding and later language development.

The NUK Glow in the Dark Soothers have the orthodontic NUK shape, an anatomically shaped mouth shield made ​​of high quality plastic and a button which glows in the dark. The cheerful designs and colours are also stimulating during the daytime. All NUK soothers have the NUK Air System. Through the valve, air can escape from the teat part therefore staying soft and flat enough to prevent jaw deformities. Silicone is a largely rubber-elastic material of particular softness, extremely temperature resistant and tasteless.

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