Nuk first choice w/neck bottle 150ml

NUK first choice wide neck bottle 150ml INCLUDES A WIDE NECK TEATS 0 - 6mnth stage 1 (silicone)

(Picture for the stock we have was hard to find. I have attached it so you can see the type of bottle but the colour and the picture on the bottle may vary to the one featured in the photo..1 x red with animals)

These bottles are 150ml in size, made in Germany and come with a stage 1 medium flow teat (0-6mnth suitable for formula milk)

They are made of high-quality, unbreakable plastic.
Have and orthodontic NUK shape with extra-wide lip support and the NUK Air System - for an even more natural way of feeding Extra wide neck - for easier filling and cleaning The ergonomic shape - for a comfortable and secure grip Easy grip screw ring - easy to open and close Snap-on-closure - the protective cap clicks audibly onto the screw ring to signal that the teat is hygenically protected Sealing disc - for shaking and leakage-free transportation.

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