NUK DEALER M/wave Steam Steriliser InternetPharm

***NUK Microwave Steam Steriliser plus 2 x 300ml bottles***

The NUK Microwave Steam Sterliser destroys pathegenic germs in just 4-8 minutes.

To use, simply add 70-100ml of tap water, place the items for sterilisation inside, and microwave the container and contents on high.*

Nuk Microwave Sterilisers feature:

1.capacity for 3 bottles at a time (as shown in the picture)
2.ability to sterilise Breast Pump parts too,
3.convenient - will keep bottles sterile inside for up to 4 hours.

Steam Sterilisation is the most recommended way to sterilise baby feeding utensils to destroy bacteria that may cause infections.


fits into all standard microwaves with a minimum inside height of 180mm, inside width and depth of
270 mm

(*times may vary according to your microwave wattage).

Please note that this comes with 2 bonus bottles and the bottles come with Nuk Wide Neck size 2 medium flow teats already fitted to them.

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