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Protects sensitive nipples and collects breast milk
2 x Breast Milk Collection Shells To collect breast milk as you breastfeed or express
Anatomically-shaped for optimal fit
With practical pouring device

2 x Shells to protect nipples Letting stressed nipples heal
Prevents contact with clothing
Anatomically-shaped for optimal fit
Ventilation holes allow air to circulate

2 x Silicone cushions For use in Breast Milk Collection Shells and Nipple Protectors
Extra-soft silicone for great comfort

Breastfeeding is the best a mother can do for her child. But even the most natural thing in the world is not easy. The NUK Breast Shell Set can help you with frequently-occurring breastfeeding problems.

The NUK Nipple Protector helps let sore nipples heal and prevents rubbing against clothing. The anatomically-shaped, synthetic shells ensure an optimal fit and their special openings allow air onto the skin. The soft silicone cushion also feels pleasant against the skin. With the NUK Breast Milk Collection Shell not a single drop of precious breast milk is lost as you breast feed or express your milk. It is anatomically-shaped, has a soft silicone cushion and a practical pouring device.

For worry-free breastfeeding: the NUK Breast Shell Set – the right help at every stage