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As your child has become older a few things have worked out smoothly, almost on their own it seems: e.g. eating with a fork and spoon. But now, more and more is being copied from the “big ones” – including how things are cut.

The NUK Big Kids Cutlery Set lets them do just that: the fork, spoon and knife are made of real stainless steel. The small shape that is just right for a child’s mouth with its rounded edges and prongs, along with the ergonomic anti-slip handle, have been designed entirely for children’s needs and are ideal for their first encounter with stainless steel cutlery.

NUK Big Kids Cutlery Set is recommended for toddlers from 18 months old. All parts of the NUK Tableware range fit together and can be added to as your child’s abilities improve.


- Knife, fork and spoon in high-quality stainless steel, dishwasher-safe
- Shape well-suited to a child’s mouth
- Ergonomically-shaped, anti-slip handle
- Rounded edges and prongs for optimal safety
- Matches NUK Tableware

NUK Big Kids Cutlery Set – to eat almost like the big ones.

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