***Xma Ease 60ml***

XMA EASE is a unique NATURALLY FORMULATED skin cream that gently assists the healing process of the skin.

What ingredients are in XMA EASE?
We have managed to achieve a stable natural formulation by the use of vegetable based products including fatty acids, glyceryl stearates & other natural mono and diglycerides, fatty alcohols, colloidal silver, bees wax, vegetable glycerol, vegetable gums and plant sterols. The oils are plant based and include jojoba, EPO, apricot, avocado and essential oils, and the preservative qualities are provided by our proprietary herbal extracts and grapefruit extract.

This varies for each individual and on the severity of your skin condition. We recommend using up to 7 times a day as necessary. Use it in conjunction with Natural Sense Colloidal Silver Spray for really stubborn areas. Just spray the area first, wait for it to dry then apply XMA EASE.

You will need to integrate xma ease into you current management plan and gradually reduce the use of the steroid cream, start by using xma ease & only apply steroid cream to severe areas, you will soon see you don't need the steroids very much at all (if ever - Jaxon has been steroid free for several years. Remember - xma ease is part of the management plan for treating the skin condition, over time (approx. 2weeks - 2 months depending on the severity of the condition) you will notice a dramatic decrease in the use of the steroids