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Non Ionic Cream – Cetomacrogol Cream 500g tub x 1
Cetomacrogol Cream (better than Aqueous Cream)

Apply ‘top to toe’, to face and body and the scalp if needed, 3-4 times a day or more to keep the skin shiny and moist and never dry and rough. This will not only help to treat any existing eczema but also help to prevent it. It is important that the moisturising is an everyday occurrence and not just when eczema flares up.

The skin should be checked often throughout the day to decide how quickly it becomes dry. This will help you work out how often the moisturiser needs be applied to prevent dryness.

Most children will go through one 500g tub of moisturiser per week. Younger children may need to use 1 tub every 10 days and a baby 1 tub every fortnight.

Non-Ionic Cream is also an alternative to soap or shampoo for those who have sensitive skin or cannot use products containing fragrance or perfume. It is also free of colouring agents.

Warning: Do not swallow it is not to be taken. Always read the label & use strictly as directed. If symptoms persist please consult your healthcare professional.
Active Ingredient:
Cetomacrogol cream BP 88 formula.