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Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 cares for you and your skin in more ways than one. With broad-spectrum sun protection and a moisturising formula, this sunscreen both protects you from harmful UV rays and nourishes your skin.

You can expect UVA+UVB protection against ageing and sunburn, protection from skin dehydration with Vitamin E and 4 hours water resistance when applied correctly.

Our Protect & Moisture Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion SPF30 contains strong UVA and UVB filters that shield the skin from sun damage. It also utilises rich moisturisers and vitamin E to protect your skin from dehydration and ensure protection, because well cared for skin is less vulnerable to sun damage.

Active Ingredients:

Homosalate 70 mg/g, Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane 30 mg/g, Octocrylene 30 mg/g, Octyl salicylate 30 mg/g.
Contains: Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.

Always read the label. Use only as directed.

Warning: Avoid contact with the eyes. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear when exposed to the sun.