NeilMed Clear Canal Ear Wax Removal Complete Kit 10 Treatments

Ear Wax is an important natural defence against dirt & harmful bacteria that may cause hearing problems. However, excess ear wax may also hamper the hearing capacity of an individual as well as cause some irritation.
In order to take off excess ear wax build up, it is best to use the NeilMed Clear Canal kit. It is especially formulated to soften & loosen ear wax so that it is easier to rinse & will not cause clogging of ear canal. Each kit contains 10 treatments.

How can using NeilMed Clear Canal Ear Wax Removal Kit be helpful?
When you feel that you have excess ear wax that could very well use draining, use this product & it will help loosen and soften the ear wax. It is easier to rinse & will not cause problems about clogging the ear canal. It is safe & effective because it does not contain preservatives. It includes 10 treatments in the pack.

What is the content of the pack?
1 sterile saline spray can 177 mL
1 bottle of ear drops 15 mL
1 drainage collection cup & 2 ear plugs

What are in this product?
Ear Drops - Active Ingredients - carbamide peroxide 6.5%. Inactive Ingredients - glycerine, oxyquinoline, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, chamomila recutita (matricaria) flower extract
Saline Spray - USP grade water, USP sodium chloride (9mg/mL), USP sodium bicarbonate (0.5 to 1.0 mg/mL) to neutralize pH

Are there any Warnings and Precautions?
Keep away from the sight & reach of children in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.
On rare instances, individuals may experience pressure in the ears. If this occurs, stop rinsing.
If symptoms persist please seek medical attention or contact NeilMed directly.