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About Complete Sleep
Many NZers have trouble getting all the rest they need, thats why Natures Own has developed Complete Sleep.Its a breakthrough formula that combines two natural ingredients to help you;

*get to sleep
*stay asleep, and
*wake up feeling refreshed

How does it work?
Complete Sleep combines two natural ingredients in a unique formulation to relieve stress and promote a healthy sleep;

#Zizyphus spinosa (red date seed) has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Zizyphus has a mild sedative action to calm the nerves and mind and induce an undisturbed, quality sleep. And due to its gentle nature, Zizyphus allows you to wake up feeling refreshed.

#Lactium is a naturally-occurring peptide found in milk protein that has anti-stress properties. It works by acting on the hormones induced by stress to help relieve the associated mental and physical symptoms. Lactium mimics the properties found in mothers milk that induce the same state of calm a baby enters after a feed. As stress is a major cause of sleeplessness and is often not recognised by the sufferer, Lactium forms an important part of Complete Sleeps unique formulation.

An observational trial on the Natures Own Complete Sleep formula showed that many participants reported a better sleep quality, and woke up feeling refreshed.
The participants of this study also stated that compared to other herbal medicines they had tried, Natures Own Complete Sleep was the most effective product for their sleeping needs!