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Mosi-guard® Natural is the World's most widely used and successful natural insect repellent

The active ingredient is Citriodiol®. This is a naturally occurring extract of lemon eucalyptus oil distilled from the eucalyptus citriodora tree (corymbia citriodora), which is a renewable resource. Leading authorities worldwide now recognise Citriodiol's first-rate efficacy making it the only plant-based repellent with this level of accreditation. Mosi-guard Natural has been extensively tested in eminent laboratories throughout the world and in field conditions in Tanzania, Malaysia, Bolivia and Scotland.

Highly effective natural insect repellent
Mosi-guard Natural has become the world's most widely used and successful natural insect repellent. It is nature's most effective way of protecting yourself from biting insects such as mosquitoes, sandflies, ticks and midges. Mosi-guard Natural also protects against leeches.

For use by all the family
Use Mosi-guard Natural in high and low risk areas where malaria is present. Use it often as it protects against daytime and night-time biters. Mosi-guard Natural has been shown to provide effective protection for up to 10 hours. Unlike chemical based repellents, Mosi-guard Natural can be used on all members of the family including small children and will not damage plastics or synthetic fabrics.