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 MOSI-GUARD Natural Extra Pump Spray 100ml 

Effective for 10 plus hours

Powerful, natural insect repellent.
Recommended for adults and children from 3 months of age.
Protects against biting insects including mosquitoes, ticks and midges. Also protects against leeches.
Trials have shown effective protection for 10+ hours after a single application.
Contains 40% Citriodiol® (oil of lemon eucalyptus).
For use in high and low-risk areas where malaria and other insect transmitted diseases are present.
Fresh, zingy smell.
Pump spray – contains no propellants.
DEET free – harmless to plastics and clothing.
Mosi-guard Extra is made from a natural and renewable resource and is kind to your skin.
Directions for use

Apply evenly and liberally to exposed skin when necessary. For application to face and lower limbs, it is easier to spray onto hands and then apply to areas requiring protection.
Please note, humidity, high temperature and other environmental factors can reduce the duration of protection.