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Moov Combo kit ( solution , combing conditioner and comb )

Manufactured by EGO Naturals, Moov head lice solution is clinically proven to kill head lice and eggs (nits). Moov head lice combing conditioner helps make lice & eggs detection &removal easy.

This combo pack is the 3 step treatment of unwanted head lice and eggs.

Head lice solution:
* Fast and Easy to Use
* Natural Essential Oils
* Pleasant Fragrance
* Innovative Formula
* Specifically formulated with a blend of natural essential oils.
* Re-usable Shower Cap Included
* Large 200ml bottle enough to treat the whole family several times over.

Head lice combing conditioner:
*Innovative low irritant formula.
*Natural essential oils that do not dry out or damage the hair.
* Detangles, leaving hair soft and smooth and easy to comb.
* 200ml bottle

This combo kit also includes a long tooth head lice comb perfect for removal of unwanted head lice and eggs.
*Rounded teeth to help slide through hair.
*Stainless steal teeth do not bend or break when combing.
*Teeth precisely aligned to help catch lice and remove eggs.

Customer Feedback:" This stuff is brilliant! All the other ones seem to feed the lice/nits but this stuff knocks them all dead in one go!!! "