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Mobicosa Gel is a topical gel especially formulated for joint and muscle conditions. Mobicosa Gel contains New Zealand Green lipped mussel oil and a blend of other oils, including Arnica, Wintergreen, Black pepper, Ginger and Manuka. These combine to give a pleasant fragrance with effective pain relieving properties.

- Sore and injured muscles
- Sore and arthritic joints
- Sporting injuries


The anti-inflammatory agents, predominantly the eicosatetraenoic acid, in the green lipped mussel oil are absorbed through the skin and work directly at the site of inflammation. While the cooling effect of the Arnica and other oils sooth the area affected. The cooling effect of the oils on the skin causes pain relievers to be released from the body to sooth the deeper pain.


Apply a small portion, rub thoroughly into affected area twice daily or as necessary.